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29 October 2008

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The Bridge.
22 October 2008

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Homestead Ranch
17 October 2008

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31 August 2008

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Summer of Life: 1
6 June 2007

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The Horses.
4 June 2007

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25 April 2007

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True Breed
13 April 2007

Recent Comments

Rahul on Mood
Very interesting processing and agree with Laurie there. How have you been mate?

Laurie on Mood
There is a sweetness to the empty swing.

Laurie on The Bridge.
Nice little bridge. Excellent composition.

Laurie on Homestead Ranch
What a wonderful view. Very bucolic scene.

Laurie on Chen
Nice moment.

Veerendra on Chen
cool snap!

Laurie on Jewel
Awww...sweet, precious moment!

GilG on Jewel
simply sweet and beautiful ! congrat

omid vahabzadeh on Jewel

Ana Lúcia on Jewel
Wonderful touching and emotional photo.

willow on Jewel
Precious. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment!

Laurie on Fun time
It looks like everyone was having a good time.

Laurie on Next.
I like windfarms. I think they make for interesting subjects.

aggie on Victoria II
A heart warming portrait. The little girl's expression is just precious.

Laurie on Victoria II
Very sweet moment.

MSD on Holding on
beautiful composition!

e. on Summer time #14
Another great action shot! :)

Natalia on Summer time #12
That is a great shot, Olaide! It makes you to want to join them in a game. You're such a good photographer.

e. on Summer time #11
Great shot! I love the suspended ball.

e. on Summer time #4
Ah yes... the time for clothes to start coming off. :)

e. on Summer time #1
Great shot. :) I can't wait for it to be warmer.

Laurie on STG #2
This is very sweet. I think I like the toning in the other version better. This is a bit too red.

e. on Vet. Dr.
Great portrait! I like the framing fence(?).

Laurie on Sterling
Nice intense look.

ChaCha on Sterling
Cool to back. Cool capture!

Marie on Farm House.
magnifique atmosphère.

Laurie on Farm House.
I Love this kind of scene! I sent a reply to your query about my studio yesterday but it got kicked back to me. It ...

e. on Farm House.
Beautiful glow and atmosphere.

Gary on Farm House.
I love the lines and the simplicity of this.

shahab on Farm House.
Lovely atmosphere & beautiful titling!Great shot!

e. on Windmill
Beautiful! The tones give the photo a very old feel.

Pinxi on Windmill
I love windmills... and the post-processing is great.

Ana Lúcia on Windmill
I love the B&W treatment.

Laurie on Pattern
Nice work leading the eye into infinity.

e. on Pattern
Wonderful landscape shot. It seems to go on forever.

tokyo-drifter on Pattern
Simple, captivating shot. Really pulls you in and makes you think a bit.

Condemna on Pattern
I agree with a previous comment: straighten it! It's an otherwise wonderful image.

Abhijeet on Pattern
wow...very impressive

paulski on Pattern
love the framing here, though i would straighten the image out...

bm on Pattern
great landscape shot, the B&W really brings out the pattern of the power poles.

Rebecca on Got you!
lol :o) , magnificent capture. He is GORGEOUS!! :) May I also say thank you so much for all your kindness and ...

e. on Got you!
Awwwww really cute shot. :)

M. Isabel on Got you!
Really NEAT!

Dimitrios on Got you!
well done!

Rebecca on Dr. Hays
LOL :O) He definitely looks like he's got his eye on something he's about to 'explore' in the very ...

e. on Dr. Hays
Awwwwwww he's so cute. :) Great lighting on him.

Mandy on Holding on
This is an awesome image Olaide!!! Very powerful.

e. on Fort Collins
Beautiful color!

Laurie on Fort Collins
Love the red.

Illuci on Fort Collins
A real rhapsody in red, great! A blessed, healthy and prosperous 2008!!

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